Sauna/Steam Room , 2017
Installation view
Metal, glass, plaster walls,  glazed ceramic tiles, steam machine

The sauna was my final thesis. An installation of an active steam sauna decorated with 500 painted

tiles (four walls, oor and a bench all covered with handmade painted tiles). The paintings were done

in a variety of techniques such as spraying, spilling and dropping. Some of the images have been

made with the usage of stencils that were laser cuts. And some were done as expressive abstract

paintings. The work attempted to create clean disconnected and intimate space in the heart of the

plaster workshop which is the most lthy space at the academy.

The sauna is an alienated space that supplied an intensely physical experience – a heterotopia, that

was characterized by its temperature and humidity, dierent from its surrounding environment, and

involves rituals of undressing and purication.

Entering a sauna is entering an isolated and enclosed space, putting on hold the daily routine and

disconnecting from it.

The painting technique protects the paintings from moisture, but also produces unconventional and

uncontrolled objects –those are paintings you may touch.