The Thinning Veil 

On one level, we are each separate beings with our finite little lives. But on a truer level, we are each infinite and eternal. We have no beginning and no end. And we are one with each other and every single thing.

Cry Baby, 6:56 min

this video was displayed in an intercom at alternative art gallery called Third
Floor On The Left curated and hosted by Meital Aviram (31.01.2019).
Together we made a project which the boundaries between the curator and
the artist were dissolved.
I recorded Meital phone calls in her most fragile moments, and later on
made this 3d dance of my own body scanned and coordinated it to the
sound of her crying.

Mom, Stop Smoking!

2018 , airbrush on canvas ,metal frame and chains


Beehive Yourself

I found a hornet’s nest in my studio, so i called an exterminator to take care of it.
I collected part of the nest and made  a memorial monument out of ceramic, tobacco, and architectural flowers on a ceramic tile of beehive image.

Cut Me In The Middle

A carpet depicting my naked body.
Using a 3D scanner, I created a spread out image of me printed on a carpet. I was looking to replace the haunted animal with myself and to turn my image into a house decoration. In doing so I was looking to explore my position in the world as an object.